Welcome to AW Community Website


 This website is promoted and maintained by ACCESS [ Annesley Community Committed to Ensuring Sustainable Settlements] who are fully committed to helping to improve the environment in and around Annesley Woodhouse.

Our main aims are:

  • Promote pride in the local area as a safe, thriving and pleasant place to reside, work and play.
  • Empower local people to have a greater voice and influence over local decision making and service delivery by increasing the knowledge, strength,capacity and engagement of the local community.
  • Improve the quality of life of people in the local area by acknowledging and improving the rich ecological and biological diversity of the area we live within.
  • Indentify Community aspirations, needs and local priorities and feed these into responses to relevant authorities/bodies.

We achieve these aims by working with local groups including Ashfield District Council, Nottingham Wildlife Trust, Businesses on Sherwood Business Park, Nottinghamshire Highways, Annesley and Felley Parish Council to name but a few, taking a proactive stance on issues and always by listening to you.

Everything we do in these pursuits is carried out by volunteers and is funded by contributions and donations both from individuals and Councillors to which we thank you all.

We are proud of our past and ambitious for our future, but this can only be achieved by your involvement either by attending meetings, assisting with events or feeding us ideas and information.

We look forward to your support in providing a platform to enable us to build a strong and cohesive community in which everyone, regardless of background, has a real sense of community involvement.

Please be patient whilst we develop this site