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About Us

Annesley Community Committed to Ensuring Sustainable Settlements (ACCESS) is a fully constituted charitable (public benefit) association, which has been formally recognised by Ashfield District Council (ADC).

ACCESS was established in 2010 to:
• Promote the health, education, and general wellbeing of the current and future inhabitants of Annesley village and its environs;
• Maintain the dormitory character of the village; and
• Maintain and improve the environment of the village including its amenities and biodiversity.

ACCESS evolved out of a previously existing organisation, known as "Friends of Forest Road", that had been active since 2003.

ACCESS has been involved in numerous activities for the public benefit, including:
• Securing off-street parking for the local doctor's surgery receptionist staff in order to relieve traffic congestion near the surgery and in the hope of providing more spaces for public visiting;
• Requesting surveys of non-resident commuter parking (e.g. by staff working at Sherwood Business Park) on Forest Road and adjoining roads
• Undertaking road condition surveys, ensuring prompt attention was paid to some long-standing problems;
• Actively engaging with Nottinghamshire County Council (NCC) and Ashfield District Council (ADC) councillors and the local police regarding car racing and excessive noise – these discussions resulted in the Installation of number plate recognition cameras at Junction 27 of the M1 and subsequently to significant reductions in car racing and noise;
• Promoting several local nature walks, including that recently undertaken by D Wood on his perambulations of Sherwood Forest, designed to help local residents appreciate the rich diversity of the area;
• Promoting local history within the area by exhibition stands at local Methodist church 150 year celebrations
• Working with Sherwood Business Park Industries, to understand technology employed and lessen fear of potential incidents to local populace, including factory visits e.g. Turbine Surface Technologies;
• Support Ashfield and Mansfield Branch of Notts Wildlife Trust
• Liaising with the Annesley and Felley Parish Council, Kirkby & District conservation Society.
• Attend meetings of the old Annesley Church project (Project leader D Amos)
• Members have taken an active part in the Core strategy discussions, LDF and Green belt discussions and SHLAA consultation documents.
• Mapping local footpaths and seeking formal recognition by NCC
• Undertaking research into Ancient Woodland Status for Little Oak Plantation
• Undertake research into plants and cultivars on Sherwood Business Park and forward information onto NGBRC.
• Offering and providing ecological information/ surveys to SBP businesses .e.g Autofil, to assist in prompting Green credentials.

During this period, our passion for improvement within the Community has been recognised in 2013, by achieving an Ashfield Civic award under the category of best Community Group for Kirkby in Ashfield. An award I, Peter Olko and the Vice Chair Mr Robert Collier and our wives whose support for our activities is vital, were pleased to collect on behalf of the whole committee and residents who support us.