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12/11/2015 How to report wildlife and other sightings


Information you return will help to establish ecological and biological maps of the area, trends of decline/growth, and failing species, allowing more detailed information to those who wish either to protect areas against development etc ., and also decide what mitigation proposals need to be taken into account, if any.sherlock-holmes-awweb

Identification and reporting of sightings can be turned into fun games for the family. It does not matter if you are walking, biking, or in a car – all your sightings can count. This section provides information how you or your children can become a "Green Sherlock Holmes" reporter.

It does not matter, if you are not sure of what you have seen – this section will also give advice on which sites might help you to identify it.

What information do you need to record?

Species/Name of what you saw
Fllower, bird, mammal etc., this can be more difficult especially if you are unsure. I have identified several sites, which will help identification of flowers, birds, mammals, amphibians, bats etc. (click onto the name)

Failing which, if you have a photograph, the various Nottinghamshire collators of information will help.

Where you saw it
It is better to quote a grid reference and/ or place name.  If you are unsure on how to quote grid reference numbers,  "click here for Grid Reference Finder" and further guidance

Date and time of sighting
That's easy.  But please make a note on paper or in your mobile phone, because if you don't report it until the end of the month, you may forget.

How it was identified
Dead on a road, alive, a field sign e.g. mole hills, footprints, droppings etc

How many you saw
You can be exact in many cases e.g. a dead Badger - (that's 1), a pair of birds (2), or give approximate numbers - a clump of plants, about 20 (no need to count all).

Further Comments
Please add further notes e.g. habitat, male/female, feeding, playing.

Mobile Apps
The Mammal Tracker App is available for iPhone or Android and makes mammal recording extremely easy. It uses the GPS in the phone to accurately record the location and there is identification help within the app. also

The Reporting Form
You can send information as you see it, or collect it for a month or more.  The more regular you send it, the better, as this smooths the information flow to the County recorders.  We have included a "suggested form" and an "example" (ficticious as to dates) for your consideration.

So!   Where do I send it?
The information of where to send it, and who to copy it to is also included on the form. ACCESS via our website,  wishes to build up its own register of what is on our doorstep, so it would be nice if we could be included in any information. We will not, as per the statutory bodies, print and release any information, which might endanger the species concerned. e.g. location of badger setts, national rare plants, snake breeding sites, etc.

The Nottinghamshire Biological and Geological Records Centre is responsible for the majority of all records, and even if not, will forward any information on to the respective bodies. I have also found them very helpful in identifying plants. Addresses for submitting the information are given on the report form.