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Plant Recording

Plant recording - please scroll down for the results from several walks.


Frog and Toad Recording

Was undertaken over 3 weeks in March/April 2017 by Chris Jackson, Biodiversity Officer, Nottinghamshire Biodivesity Group and I (Peter Olko) with kind permission from Sherwood Business Park properties who had ponds within their grounds.

Whilst many of the ponds showed numerous frog spawn there was no evidence of toad spawn, which was quite worrying and part of a local downward trend.  Next years survey will help to establish if this is a blip.

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Devastating Year for butterflies

Despite plans to hopefully involve Annesley Primary School children in this years butterfly count, ACCESS and "Volunteer Friends of Oakwood Meadows" had to cancel this because of the overgrown footpaths, which would have left the children to a risk of nettle stings and thistle scratches.  We are assured that this situation will not occur next year and we look forward to ADC cutting the path edges so we can partake in this.  This is vitally important as witnessed by the findings of the year's national survey, which I have received today - of which the following is an extract.  (Should anyone wish a copy please email me at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and I will forward a copy)


This year's Big Butterfly Count has left conservationists scratching their heads over what has happened to our butterflies.





Some common species saw their numbers collapse over the summer, despite the UK experiencing weather conditions that usually help them to thrive.

Gatekeeper, Comma and Small Copper butterflies experienced their worst year in the project’s history, with sightings down 40%, 46% and 30% respectively compared to last year. The Small Tortoiseshell saw a 47% drop in numbers and Peacock slumped by 42% with both species recording their second worst years.

Most Big Butterfly Count participants saw fewer butterflies per count than ever before. The mild winter and cold spring could be to blame. Intensive farming and pesticide use
are also possible culprits. Only continued monitoring over time will tell us more - so please count next year.



Working Party - 12 June 2016 - Outcome

Both Joan and I, trudged off on Sunday morning not expecting anyone to turn up due to the weather, to be pleasantly surprised when confronted with smiling eager young faces under the control of Emma. Several of the diehards had already sent apologies, so the morning was spent transporting tree tubes collected earlier – thank you Russell - to the ADC collection point and some limited removal ourselves and looking at the various flowers starting to appear. Similarly as in all good cricket games, rain finally stopped play at about 11:30 and we all went home for good hot showers. These children certainly showed us the way - well done.

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Arriving at home we were greeted with the bullfinches tucking into my wife’s polyanthus. Well at least another 500 tunes removed and collected.

Bat Evening – 7th June – Results.

The early part of the evening was spent examining the various flowers in Forest Road Grassland (LWS) site courtesy of Anne Chalkley – huge swathes of buttercup and yellow rattle were present interspersed with early signs of spotted and marsh orchid, knitted together with ladies mantle and lesser stitchwort.

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The bats started feeding a little late at about 10:00am, following an exciting sighting of a woodcock going overhead just minutes earlier. We managed in about 30 minutes approx 30 separate sightings with at least 4 individuals being seen at once. One larger bat swept through but unfortunately we couldn’t ascertain the type. It definitely was a “boomerang bat” because it didn’t come back!

We shall look towards doing a walk amongst the orchids in about 10 days – anyone who is interested please contact me - Peter on 01623 759589

Sherwood Forest Perambulation

Sherwood Forest On Your Doorstep Stage 5 Walk - 28th May 2016