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Sherwood Forest Perambulation

Sherwood Forest On Your Doorstep Stage 5 Walk - 28th May 2016

Several members of ACCESS including Bob Collier and I, with a multitude of others, traced the route of the old Sherwood Forest perambulations under the eager eye of Dave Wood.

The day started by a guided tour of the Linby Village Wildflower conservation area, which is enhanced by the old railway building which has been turned into a museum.

We then followed the old railway lines to Newstead enthused by stories of the old mining community and ski-slopes, railway sidings now covered by trees, aerial transport systems for the waste out of the mines and many poems – courtesy of Bob and David Amos. Following a late lunch of chips, for those who had taken money, we walked to Annesley and then the Badger Box, a much welcome relief for many since this was the first toilet encountered for nearly 5 hours.

The group carried on, by gazing at the last remnants of the Bluebells in Little Oak Plantation, being informed of the fight that the local residents had mounted to preserve this area - now PAWS and LWS, before quickly going onto Oakwood Meadows to learn of the ecological benefits of this area – ACCESS gaining several new members to its ranks

Talking about Ecological matters – the walk from Linby to Newstead is considered a green Corridor Link, and I place below several photographs taken during the day, plus a few from Oakwood fields and a grass snake I spied the following day.

As regards snakes – if anyone has any photographs, taken in the last 3 years, of either Grass snakes, Adders or lizards, I would be very pleased to receive them, so that they can be forwarded onto the recording team at Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust.

Please keep tuning in for Stage 6 walk, which will be posted into meetings as soon as it is known.