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Plant Recording

Plant recording - please scroll down for the results from several walks.

Several pleasant weekday and weekend walks with ACCESS members and Volunteer Friends of Oakwood Field members have seen numerous species recorded and sent to the Nottinghamshire Records Office.  In particular was a clump of Town Hall Clock

This plant is common but easily missed and I find it best to look for the three-lobed, light green leaves in February or March. It flowers in early spring preferring wet or dampish places often in the shade.  Its other common name is rather dull: Moschatel. See Here for further information

DSC 0303wd2


Other plants found within either Little Oak Plantation, Oakwood Fields or Sherwood Business Park where further colonies/clumps of Ransoms (Wild Garlic); Wood Anemone, as well as further spreading of Wood Sorrell.

My apologies for not naming the indiviual flower species below but I cannot seem to understand how to rename files once uploaded to the website. PLease click on any picture to enlarge it.

The following flowers are shown: Yellow vetchling; Figwort; Wood Avens: ; Ransoms, Bluebell & Stitchwort; Celandines; Dogs Mercury; Wood Anemone; Whitebell; Bluebell colony under Ancient Hedgerow boundary; Orchid plants; Town Hall Clock; Cowslips; Ladies Smock; Wood Sorrell.

View the embedded image gallery online at:

Why not join us for the next walk on 14th June when many of the Orchids will be commencing to flower.